Programm : Residential Complex
    Location : Ruhlsdorfer Str. / Gonfrevillestr. in Teltow
    Year : 2016-2019
    Area : 22.100 m² Total Area
    Phase : Urban Design and Planning Services, LPH 1-5
    Equipe : Faber+Faber; client: Grimm Holding GmbH; structual engineering: Strahmann-Ingenieure / Münster; hvac: IGP / Münster; landscape design: Faber+Faber / Berlin; fire prevention: Büro Goldmann / Berlin
    Description : The Neighborhood am Kirchplatz is a new development site with three distinct housing opportunities, giving flexibility to cater to a wide range of resident groups. A 4-storey closed and noise-protected condominium building stretches along Ruhlsdorferstraße. The condominium typologies include 2-storey townhouses, independent garden units, or terraced apartments. An elongated 4-storey apartment building wraps around Gonfrevillestraße, emphasizing the corner by including an additional 5th floor. Within the property, single-family and townhouse units with independent gardens and carports will be built.