Programm : Educational
    Location : Berlin-Spindlersfeld
    Year : 2017-2020
    Area :
    Phase :
    Equipe :
    Description :

    Programm : Mixed Use
    Location : Berlin-Neukölln
    Year : 2018
    Area : 30.000 m² BGF Residential /28.000 m² BGF Commercial
    Phase : Discursive Workshop – *Design Recognition
    Equipe : Architects: Faber+Faber Architekten
    Description : The competition entry is characterised by creating a coherent and unified building form for the entire building area. At the same time, through the individual expression at key nodes, the design creates diversity in order to integrate itself appropriately into the surrounding block structure and to provide various planning situations. A continuous meander-shaped structure is laid over the entire planning area, and is divided into three sub areas in accordance to the plot structure. The meander forms public spaces between the sub-plots by means of jumps and returns. The meander thus creates a distinctive and identity-generating form for the new Quarter, and nevertheless fits in the scale and differentiation of the existing city fabric. The design adapts to the opposite development on the Ring Road. The structure uses the course of the terrain to generate a staggered-form on the vertical plane. For differentiation and urban planning legibility of the individual entrances engineered by the meander, the facades in the respective areas are gently folded. This creates an adequate analogy for the small-scale allotment of the surrounding buildings without artificially trying to reproduce them.
  • JAHNSTR. 80-82

    Programm : Residential
    Location : Jahnstr. 80-82, Berlin-Neukölln
    Year : 2016-2018
    Area : 1250 m2
    Phase : LPH 1-5
    Equipe : Architect: Faber+Faber; Client: Assoziation Bankum Berta II GmbH und Co.KG.; Engineering: L + M Tragwerksplanung; HVAC: Passau Engeneure GmbH; Landscape Architecture: Faber+Faber Architekten; Fire Protection: Dr. Zauft Ingenieur; 3D-Visualisation: Eve Images
    Description : The new apartment building is located in the rear part of Jahnstraße in Berlin - Neukölln. The neighborhood is characterized by small businesses, shopping opportunities, and by buildings with a high residential proportion. The new building is integrated into the existing area in form and in height. The residential building is accessed by a central staircase. It consists of 15 residential units and all units are accessible from the external central stairwell. A central elevator is installed. On the 4th floor (staggered floor) it ends directly in the living unit. (Penthouse). The three apartments located on the ground floor, have generous private gardens to the north. All other apartments have either terraces, loggias or curtained balconies.

    Programm : Residential building
    Location : Garibaldistr. 17 / Hauptstr. 14 in Berlin
    Year : 2016-2018
    Area : 5.700 m² Total Area
    Phase : LPH 1-5, under construction
    Equipe : Architect: Faber+Faber; client: Grimm Holding GmbH; structual engineering: Strahmann-Ingenieure / Münster; hvac: IGP / Münster; landscape design: Faber+Faber / Berlin; fire prevention: Büro Goldmann / Berlin; 3D-Visualisation: Archlab
    Description : Garibaldistraße 17 is a 5 to 6-storey building with 36 residential units, 1 business unit, and 23 underground parking spaces. Two distinct stair shafts provide access to the residential units, while the business unit has direct ground floor access from Hauptstraße. The design responds to adjacent buildings by creating setbacks on the higher floors, completes the neighborhood block, and anchors itself as a corner landmark with interlocking "containers" projecting over the street corner. Garibaldi 17 is situated in the Berlin-Pankow region in the neighborhood of Wilhelmsruh.

    Programm : Residential Complex
    Location : Ruhlsdorfer Str. / Gonfrevillestr. in Teltow
    Year : 2016-2019
    Area : 22.100 m² Total Area
    Phase : Urban Design and Planning Services, LPH 1-5
    Equipe : Faber+Faber; client: Grimm Holding GmbH; structual engineering: Strahmann-Ingenieure / Münster; hvac: IGP / Münster; landscape design: Faber+Faber / Berlin; fire prevention: Büro Goldmann / Berlin
    Description : The Neighborhood am Kirchplatz is a new development site with three distinct housing opportunities, giving flexibility to cater to a wide range of resident groups. A 4-storey closed and noise-protected condominium building stretches along Ruhlsdorferstraße. The condominium typologies include 2-storey townhouses, independent garden units, or terraced apartments. An elongated 4-storey apartment building wraps around Gonfrevillestraße, emphasizing the corner by including an additional 5th floor. Within the property, single-family and townhouse units with independent gardens and carports will be built.

    Programm : School of Music
    Location : Altstadtring, Lüdenscheid
    Year : 2016
    Area : 2013 Total Area
    Phase : Invited Competition
    Equipe : Faber + Faber Architekten
    Description : The New Music School in Lüdenscheid takes its form from the contextual cues of the adjacent school and the existing roads axes. Between the two building forms a void is generated. This void is the central and vertical circulation between the classroom spaces and the public performance spaces. The facades form rhythmic-harmonic compositions in the form of music notation sheets.

    Programm : Apartments, Townhouses, Elderly Center, Kindergarten
    Location : Erfurt Brühl-Süd
    Year : 2016
    Area : 5335 m²
    Phase : Design Competition
    Equipe : Faber + Faber Architekten
    Description : The area of Erfurt-Brühl has been undergoing major redevelopment since 1995. The area around Gothaer Platz forms the end of the urban redevelopment of the former commercial center. The design implements the urban planning and design conditions while seamlessly integrating diversified programmatic functions for people of different ages. These include a Kindergarden, an Elderly Home, and private residences.

    Programm : Hotel
    Location : Flottwellstr. in Berlin-Kreuzberg
    Year : 2012 - 2015
    Area : 5.650 m² gross
    Phase : LPH 1-8
    Equipe : Faber+Faber; client: Flottwellpromenade GmbH; Schüssler Plan / Berlin; PlanB / Berlin + IGB Plummer / Münster; Atelier Loidl / Berlin; T.Elsholz / Berlin
    Description : By means of staggered cornice strips and a rounded , protruding building tip the hotel is clearly recognizable as a head building of a larger planning area along the neighboring Gleisdreieck Park. The house dovetailed the Schöneberg city space with the green area of the park and connects the new city quarter vis-a vis the Potsdamer Platz. The hotel is visible as a freestanding solitaire from all sides and binds to the urban space with a transparent , welcoming lobby, foyer and restaurant area and an outside catering.

    Programm : Appartment block
    Location : Flottwellstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg
    Year : 2012 - 2015
    Area : 20.700 qm gross
    Phase : LPH 1 - 5, im Bau
    Equipe : Faber+Faber; client: Flottwellpromenade GmbH; Schüssler Plan / Berlin; PlanB / Berlin; Atelier Loidl / Berlin; dgk Architekten / Berlin
    Description : The building is part of a larger planning area on the northwestern edge of the redesigned Gleisdreieck Park . The housing body is comprised of 6 stairways and 8 floors and creates dedicated private gardens facing towards the park with underlying basement garage over two floors .
  • SEYDELSTR. 16/17

    Programm : Residential building, Hotel
    Location : Seydelstraße 16+17, Berlin - Mitte
    Year : 2009 - 2010
    Area : 4900 m²
    Phase : LPH 1-5, realized
    Equipe : FABER+FABER; Structural design: Ing.-Büro Prof. Strathmann/ Münster; site supervision: Fekra GmbH/ Berlin; Client: G+P Immobilien-Consult GmbH; Hvac: Ing. Büro Frenz/ Bad Freienwalde; interior perspectives: Spiralstudios/ Stuttgart
    Description : In the heart of Berlin, in vicinity to historical Spittelmarket, an elegant residential and commercial building arises. The object's programing (at ground level shops, offices and hotel foyer, above exclusive appartments for lease and hotelrooms / boarding homes) are grouped around two stair cases. Due to zoning regulations the attic levels are repeatedlystaggered back and contain penthouses over two levels andwith private gardens. The sophisticated programming of the building and the often recessed facade planes due to the cramped site conditions are embraced by upstream aluminum strips to combine the facade into one entity. The bands are made of metallic powder coated and folded / welded aluminum box sections of different heights. In contrast to these shimmering metallic ribbons the facade behind is a dark plastered EIFS system.

    Programm : Residential building
    Location : Waldemarstr. 3-13, Berlin-Mitte
    Year : 2010-2012
    Area : 8200 m² WF
    Phase : LPH 1 - 5, realized
    Equipe : FABER+FABER; Structural engineering : Ing.-Büro Prof. Strathmann/ Münster; site supervision : Fekra GmbH/ Berlin; Client: G+P Immobilien-Consult GmbH; hvac: Ing. Büro Frenz/ Bad Freienwalde;
    Description : Residential building ensemble containing three 8-storey blocks as well as eleven townhouses in the back of the property incl. underground parking. Each block contains two or three apartment units per floor, all oriented to the south with large balcony terraces. Maisonette units in the building base receive private gardens and are accessed separately. The central block holds in ground floor two retail units enclosing the spacious alley to the back. The three storey townhouses have spacious roof terraces as well as private gardens. Partially they have direct access to its own parking lot and storage in the basement.

    Programm : Appartmentblock and retail space
    Location : Berolinastr. 7, Berlin - Mitte
    Year : 2014 - 2016
    Area : 5.600 qm BGF
    Phase : LPH 1 - 5, under realization
    Equipe : FABER+FABER; client: Grimm Holding; Structural engineer: Strathmann-Ingenieure / Münster; HVAC: Büro Frenz / Bad Freienwalde; Elec-planning: IGPlummer / Münster
    Description : The new building reflects upon the surrounding of socialist concrete slab residential area and give a new interpretation of post-war modernism . In deeper ground floor accomaditing retail space allows for the residential units above to have spacious , landscaped terraces . Sliding shutters in front of sleeping rooms give rhythm to the facade and provide a playful layer over the austere grid facade.

    Programm : factory loft conversion + extension
    Location : Boxhagener Str. 18 / Berlin
    Year : 2015 - 2017, under construction
    Area : 5.600 qm gross
    Phase : LPH 1 - 5
    Equipe : FABER+FABER; client: Friedrichshöfe GmbH; IGB Jockwer / Berlin; IGB Ziegler / Berlin; Dipl.Ing. Jastram / Berlin
    Description : The existing building located in the backyard of a "Günderzeit" mixed-usage block is part of a comprehensive modernization, transforming upper floors to apartments, as well as an attic restocked. A new , central staircase is implemented. All units receive loft-style , spacious floorplans, the penthouses both roof terraces and on-top terraces.

    Programm : attic extension
    Location : Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
    Year : 2012-13
    Area : 350m²WFL
    Phase : LPH 1-9
    Equipe : Faber+Faber; structural engineerung: IGB Polheim; client: G.Zalski, A.+I. Faber
    Description : The existing house from the "Gründerzeit" period is replaced a complete new roof landscape in the course of the complete renovation with three residential units in the front building , side wing and rear building . The clever useage of allowed legal building envelopes allows for great room height as well as in parts of two-storey gallery spaces as well as on-top terraces for each unit .

    Programm : Residential Building
    Location : Waldemarstr. 15, Berlin - Mitte
    Year : 2008 - 2009
    Area : 1230 sqm net
    Phase : LPH 1-5, realized
    Equipe : FABER+FABER; Client: G+P Immobilien-Consult GmbH; Ing.-Büro Prof. Strathmann/ Münster; Fekra GmbH/ Berlin; Ing. Büro Frenz/ Bad Freienwalde; Interior perspectives: Spiralstudios/ Stuttgart
    Description : Residential building with 13 freehold flats with high standard incl. underground parking. The building base is defined by 2-storey residential units which orientate themselves with own entrances by the type of the single-family dwelling. The higher normal floors are organised around two other three residential units, in the roof there are two penthouse unities with generous roof terraced gardens.

    Programm : Residential building
    Location : Legiendamm 26, Berlin - Mitte
    Year : 2008-2009
    Area : 1850 sqm net
    Phase : LPH 1-5, realized
    Equipe : FABER+FABER; Client: G+P Immobilien-Consult GmbH; Ing.-Büro Prof. Strathmann/ Münster; Fekra GmbH/ Berlin; Ing. Büro Frenz/ Bad Freienwalde; interior perspectives: Spiralstudios/ Stuttgart
    Description : Residential building with 17 freehold flats with high standard incl. underground parking. The building base is defined by 2-storey residential units which are inspired by the single-family dwelling typology incl. private garden areas. The standard floors above contain two or three apartment units per floor. The two penthouses under the roof have generous roof terraced gardens and a superb view over the city.
  • tumBAR.es

    Programm : bar
    Location : Soria / Spain
    Year : 2009
    Area : 150 m²
    Phase : Competition
    Equipe : Faber + Faber Architekten together with Nadine Hill and Stefania Lo Monte
    Description : Competition for a bar in the spacious public parc of Soria, 200 km north of Madrid. The envelope is defined by two materials: a closed, wodden cladded service part containing kitchen, storage and toilets; and a translucent glazed part, enlocsing bar and café. The mobile facade elements allow for the transition of inside and outside space.

    Programm : Designer Outlet Centre
    Location : Neumünster, Germany
    Year : 2011-2012
    Area : 20.000 m² shopping surface
    Phase : LPH 5, realized
    Equipe : realization drawings: Arge Wost+Faber; client: McArthur Glen; General contractors:Züblin/ Hamburg; Design - permits - submission: Kock+Lünz/ Potsdam; Structural engineer: IGBFB/ Dresden; HVAC: Tradetec mbh/ Norderstedt; Landscape architect: Wiggenhorn & v.d.Hovel/ Hamburg
    Description : Support in the implementation of a themed shopping center under high time and cost pressures in form of a " micro city ". The project includes not only about 120 Outlet stores but management centre as well as Kinderland and central sanitary facilities .