• K14 ZAPF

    Programm : Mixed-usage
    Location : Köpenicker Str. 11-14 in Berlin-Kreuzberg
    Year : 2013-2015
    Area : 32.800 qm gross
    Phase : competition 1st prize, Accompaniment V + E plan process , Urban Design
    Equipe : FABER+FABER together with FPB, Berlin; client: Zapf K14 Grundstücksgesellschaft
    Description : The blocks are designed to be block-out the busy , noisy street while open-up towards the river Spree, lining up with heterogeneous harmonical picture of the shore edge. Together with the riparian habitat and the Landmark on the Brommy Bridge creates a while back participating but outstanding at the decisive points architecture . The shore area is a habitat kept free of buildings and public durchwegbar . By Nivauunterschied between courts and riverside ( basement garage ) , the necessary social distance is maintained between public and private .